Joe & Michelle. Pennsylvania. Reading to be exact.

Grumpy Baby. Looked like old man. Ghostbusters.

Wanted to be Egon.  Bro was born. Played sports.

Loved the Phillies. Lil bro #2 was born. Now I am

sharing a bunk.  Played more sports.  Sister was born.

That makes 4.  Make that, two bunks. Love my sibs.

Got smitten with a girl.  Then another one.  Then another

one.  Got a snowboard.  Didn’t know how to ride.  But I

learned.  Persistance.  Kissed Ginger Spice…she thought

I was Aussie..yeah right. Made “premier” soccer team…

then got humbled quickly.  Acted. Found soul love. Got

heart-broken. Traveled from heart-break. California.

Scored a touchdown. Ran some races. They called me

‘tosy. Graduation. Learned about tenacity. Pittsburgh.

Hello new life.  Pi Lam. Dirk Diggler. Girlfriend. London.

Italia.  Conclave. Then heart broken…again.  Shit. Will I

ever figure this out? Sam Shepard.  California.  Finding

myself. Studied for law school. Ego got in the way. Got a

tat. Booked some work. Found some work. New York.

Boston. Toronto. Miami. Chicago. Dallas. Denver.

San Francisco. Oye vey. Vegas. Portland.

Better cash these miles.

Still love my fam.